Thanks for checking out my work! Here’s a little about why I do it…Coming from a family of craftspeople, musicians and photographers, picking up a camera and eventually taking it everywhere seemed like a natural inclination.

I truly fell in love with photography while shooting film over 10 years back when I lived in San Francisco. While I now primarily shoot digital, there’s nothing like the softness, rich tones and grain of film. It’s timeless and tangible. I spent a few years assisting architectural photographers who taught me about technique and patience. But ultimately, it’s people who my camera gravitates towards. I love making portraits and photographing events. I love the unpredictability and energy of photographing people – moments that can only be captured and not recreated.

Everyone who knows me has been photographed by me. I strive to capture intimate, often in-between moments that communicate real personalities and authentic stories. I believe that all people deserve to be seen. I’ve found photography to be a way to show people how beautiful they are. I attempt to find a balance between my need for adventure and my desire to feel at home. Familiar landscapes, faces and smells can be just as intriguing as faraway ones.

When I’m not shooting photos, I’m probably indulging in a constant rotation of coffee and craft beer, getting my feet wet in a river or dancing at live music shows. Or of course editing those photos while my ginger kitty Henri (named after Cartier-Bresson) vies for my attention.

I’m always looking to build my community, collaborate and learn. Let’s connect!

For information on pricing just shoot me an email…