Denver Botanic Gardens + Invisible City
Denver, CO
wedding photos denver, co


Denver Botanic Gardens
Invisible City


Music – Ceremony:
Alyssa Maunders, Sarah Michaels

Music – Reception:
Jess Parsons

Wedding Dress:
Rebecca Schoneveld (from A and Bé)

Invitation + Flowers:
Leah Marvin-Riley (bride)

Leah and Austen’s wedding had their touch in every detail. Leah’s modern and elevated flower-child vision came together with ease. Austen, a local country and indie musician, stood alongside Leah, a stick and poke tattoo artist, drawer, vocalist, and political organizer. Together they gathered a stylish collection of artists, activists, and old friends.

The ceremony, tucked away in an ornate greenhouse, created an intimate setting among the Denver Botanic Gardens. The guests’ voices filled the space as they sang “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys during the procession.

Live music continued at the reception, held at Invisible City where local musicians and friends of the couple played the perfect medley of love songs and party tunes.

The soft dreamy glow of the gardens and the swanky, vintage style of the converted synagogue seamlessly wove together. Zachary Gutierrez joined me to shoot all film photos, another nod to the nostalgic feel of the day.

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